Brand Collaborations

This page is the portfolio of collaborations Jonn Designs has done with other brands and artists. If you are interested in a collaboration, please feel free to reach out to



hammargarda logo

Rödvinbärs Nektar - Design for a Label

In the Summer of 2018 we collaborated with a manufacturer of natural Swedish nectars. Hammargårda from Sundsvall is a family company which creates delicious traditional drinks from Swedish berries, Swedish sugar and Swedish water. Natural, authentic and minimalistic, Hammargårda's values matched well with ours.

For a limited edition redcurrant drink, released in the Autumn of 2018 Hammargårda wanted a unique label. The flavour was initially released in Northern Sweden, so it was natural to collaborate with a down-to-earth artist living in the North.

The design features a bohemian waxwing - a common bird in the area that is known for it's appetite for redcurrants. Accompanied with a text honoring the life in Norrland - the northernmost traditional land in Sweden, the label was complete. Simple and straightforward, just like both of the brands.

Bohemian WaxwingBohemian waxwing next to a branch of redcurrants

Hammargårda nektar
Jonn Designs on Hammargårda drink bottle