Poster of a moose in Umeå, Sweden, in front of the Ume älv and the Väven building
Digital artwork of a moose in Umeå, Sweden, in front of the Ume älv

Ume Älv Poster

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Description: Moose drinking booze in front of the Ume älv, or Ume river, which flows through the Northern city. On the other side of the river you can see the downtown of Umeå - with the modern Väven building next to older architecture. This quirky artwork captures the contrasts of the growing student town. New and old, nature and city, all coming together. The poster includes the text Umeå, Sweden and the coordinates of the city.

See also: Ume Älv T-shirt.


  • Originally hand-drawn to a paper with a marker, coloured digitally
  • 30cm x 40cm size, one of the most common frame sizes
  • Paper weight 192 g/m² for premium quality
  • Acid-free paper for long durability
  • Matte paper for the best possible presentation