Retailer Partners

Jonn Designs products are sold locally in selected stores. If you don't want to wait for the shipping from the online store, you can go and buy some of the products from these partners.



Umeå Studentkår
Umeå Studentkår
Samhällsvetarhuset, Universitetsområdet,
907 36 Umeå, Sweden

Umeå student union has a store located in Lindellhallen in Umeå University. 
The shop sells Umeå Posters in 50cm x 70cm format and white Umeå sweaters.


Eljest shop

Eljest Shop
Skolgatan 57,
903 29 Umeå, Sweden

Eljest is a store for creative and handcrafted products from Northern Sweden.
The shop sells Umeå Posters in 30cm x 40cm format.